Twice a winter, Malanka can be seen in the village of Koteleve. The costumes here are similar to those used in other villages in the Novoselytsia region. These are old, Soviet-era military uniforms. Only draped with so many necklaces, ribbons, artificial flowers and tinsels. A characteristic feature of malankars from Kotelevo is a high cockade of fluorescent bright plastic flowers on military caps. At Christmas, the boys wander throught the village's streets with congratulations (Uratures). In the evening of January the 13th a man in a heavy horse suit joins to the company.

The horse frame, decorated with ribbons and holiday inscriptions, weighs a lot. That's why you need to have a lot of physical strength to be able to dance in such costumes for many hours. So during the breaks “Horse” try to drop the frame and rest for at least a few minutes. During the uratures on January 7, the young men recreate the scene of mobilization to the Turkish army. Bukovyna from the beginning of the XVI c. and until the end of the XVIII c. was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. That is why malankars are called "Turks" in the village.

Old Grandfather and Grandmother are crying, the Bride bows her head, sad Warriors are standing with swords at the Recruit, who is going to war. Bright artificial flowers make this drama a little bit comical, but Malankars like such decorations.