One of the most original and large Malankas of Chernivtsi region.
The village stands above the karst cavities of the famous Cinderella cave and rests its southern side on the Ukrainian border with Moldova. Local holiday traditions are unique and large-scale. Malankars dance all night long – on the eve of January 14. Women and men, old and young ones - a few groups of malankars amaze their fellow villagers with bright costumes (and costumes are different every year! And the imagination of malankars has no limits!) and dances.

The action ends in the central square of the village, near the house of culture - with the first rays of the sun (well, if the day is sunny, of course). At that time all the teams of malankars demonstrate both dances and costumes to a large crowd of spectators, and at the end of the celebration they form a joint round dance. And it is very impressive!
Malanka in Podvirne, despite all its originality, has not yet become popular among tourists. What a shame - its touristic potential is definitely huge.

Photos: 2020