Another bright pagan ritual of Novoselytsia region. It also has Horses (or Riders) and Weapon Carriers. Here again spectators can see the scene of the young man's farewell to the war.

The costumes here are super-bright: the old Soviet Army uniforms are decorated not only with artificial flowers, but also have epaulettes made of  Christmas tinsel.


A local feature that distinguishes Cherlenivka from other neighboring Malankas is the "weapon" of Soldiers: they have swords. Also COMPLETELY covered with Christmas tinsel.


Previously, only guys who had already returned from the army took part in Malanka. They wore the clothes they had - most often it was a military uniform, in which they returned home from the army to the village. Today, having the army in one's experience is no longer a prerequisite: most Malankars are schoolchildren. The costumes are carefully passed from hand to hand, and nobody knows today how many generations ago a soldier marched in this uniform. The form itself has already forgotten that. : o)