Dynivtsi“s Malanka is very similar to Malanka in Podvirne — it is the same ethnographical and administrative region of Novoselytsia. Malanka also dances here (with traditional tunes and songs). Local malankars also create very bright and funny costumes for ritual every year. Actually, Malanka here resembles carnival very much. 


Traditionally for the Novoselytsia region, the participants go to the village streets twice a year: in the last hours of the passing year - and on the night of January 13-14.

It was once said that the local rich sometimes ordered amazing dragons or oxen from Horbova for Malanka. Well, it is logical: their Malanka was on January the 1st, so they can tour. For several years I dreamed of seeing the giant dragon Smoke on the H03 highway from Horbova to Dynivtsi. I was not lucky to see it live. But I was lucky enough to see night dancing Malanka in Dynivtsi

Photos: 2018.