Hlybochok is of those Malankas, of which I did not know. I have never heard about them before. They came to our car on the evening of January 13. We returned home from the night Krasnoilsk, I stared into the darkness outside the window. On all other evenings, darkness is just darkness. But on January 13 in Bukovyna, songs are intertwined with this darkness and visions appear that you will not forget, to which you will try to reach for your whole life later.

And THAT is what traditions are in their core. Until you sleep, Ukraine, Bukovyna makes this ancient work, chasing evil from village to village. That Friday, the 13th, the giant moon shone like a searchlight - and Malanka went on, went on, went on. Those who have even the slightest photo ambitions, but do not have high-quality bright lenses (or at least normal camera flashes), are powerless to show the world what they saw here at night. Because all known methods of communication fade and seem meaningless. We will not be able to put words into sentences like this, and the pictures, the main language of today, will be blank and untrue. It was an incredible night, we saw Malankas in Storozhynets, Dynivtsi, Chudey, on the corners of Dyal and Sus in Krasnoilsk - and happiness knew no bounds. I was full of impressions, I did not to ask Universe for more. But one more Malanka was there, at the village of Hlybochok - and I was happy even more. It is typical Ukrainian Malanka with interesting songs and very positive malankars. 

Photos: 2017