Gorbova's neighbor also celebrates Malanka. There are two Malankas in the village: a children's one (local school students walk throught the streets of Hodynivka) and an adult one (this one consists of young men). Let's look at the costumes of local malankars?
Horsemen and Apprentices wear old Soviet military uniform embroidered with ornaments and greetings. Even Malankars' pants are decorated with sequins and artificial flowers. Riders wear frames with horse heads. Over this frame there is white fabric and many rows of necklaces and ribbons.
Bears wear traditional fur hats and coats. They also have necklaces.
Bears with Horsemen perform a traditional dance in each yard. Apprentices dance with girls and women there.
Girls in folk costumes also take part in Malanka.

Malankars in masks and costumes from the department stores could stop the cars and demand money sometimes. This shameful tradition has appeared in the village in recent years.