Ivan Mykolaychuk, a native of the village and
Ukrainian famous actor and director, filmed the Malanka from Chortorya in 1980 in his film "Such a quiet, such a late autumn" (watch from 01:13:42 approximately — it's a big fragment). All these fringes, all these whips, all these masks made of Papier-mâché

But nowadays almost everything that the average tourist will see on January 14 in Chortorya is improvised racketeering borders with self-made barriers. It is rude enough to stop other people's cars and demand money from drivers for travel — and very primitive. Sad story.
You know all these signs in zoos on cages  - "Do not feed animals"? It is necessary to hang billboards "Do not give money to Malankars" in every village with Malanka. Because piracy is nasty infection, it is easy to catch and difficult to cure. While dozens of real malankars preserve old traditions, the scum in ready-made masks gathers money for beer or sweets. When there is only one border on the road,  some drivers can even think that it is funny. When there are dozens of them, drivers get angry. This money will never support the tradition. So decide for yourself whether you want to support a small racket or not

Photos - 2006